Automatic real world driving evaluations

No driving expert necessary in the vehicle


What is QTPIE?

QTPIE is a driving evaluation AI that uses driver’s implicit intentions and actions to objectively evaluate real-world driving in compliance to traffic rules, without requiring an expert in the vehicle.



How it works?

Step 1: During the driving evaluation session, the driver wears a pair of unobtrusive eye tracking glasses that are connected to a mobile app.

Step 2: QTPIE driving evaluation AI computes the driving performance through semantic eye tracking and vehicle data.

Eye tracking

Computer vision

Vehicle data

Driving evaluation

Step 3: QTPIE generates a driver safety score, report and a series of highlighted video segments where the driver committed errors, thus providing a decision support for assessing driver fitness.

Driver safety report

Driver safety score

Highlighted videos



Experts in Robotics, AI, Computer Science and Eye Tracking with over 50 years of experience in research, engineering, and R&D.


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The goal of QTPIE is to improve traffic safety by offering significantly more accurate and convenient driving evaluations to our customers.

Medical driving evaluations

Driving license industry

Vehicle fleet companies

By using QTPIE as a driving evaluation tool, our customers save time and monetary resources while cutting down on the queue times, and traffic accidents, thus improving the traffic safety.

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